In the project, I examine the aspirations of artists of the 1920s for a new world order in accordance with their ideals, and find a connection with modernity, in which many of their ideas found their embodiment and implementation. But, despite all the new technologies and changes in our lives, the human factor with the right to error and personal experience has not gone away.

Taking as a basis the image of cell phone towers as necessary elements of our reality, I compare them with prouns, one of the areas of El Lissitzky’s artistic practice. By placing elements of cellular communications in the space of the pictorial plane, I “return” the objects to the space of the canvas, thereby raising the question, to what extent was it possible to realize the desired new world in the avantgarde project?

tempera on canvas, 200x120cm, 2023
tempera on canvas, 200x100cm, 2023