Circular motion

The series includes 5 objects

Auto glass, plexiglass, UV printing, silkscreen printing


I create a unified imagery of the reality from many pieces, almost like a puzzle, combining images of places and objects from the past and present events. An attempt to gather and save the order of a familiar lifestyle and to gain a foothold in the constantly changing world. The objects are made from multiple layers of plexiglass and auto glass. They combine images of different spaces, coordinates and elements of city infrastructure.

The works are created in The Vaults Centre of Artistic Production, Ges-2 House of Culture.

55.867786, 37.540444
55.724312, 37.710168
55.867786, 37.540444
55.716417, 37.776565
55.751608, 37.669731
Exhibition "Unstable Equilibrium", U Contemporary, Winzavod, 2023
Exhibition "One-one", gallery on Peschanaya, Moscow, 2023