Cycle 20-22
Collective performance
Winzavod, Moscow, 2022

"Cycle 20-22" is a repeated fixation of the moment.
The internal and external limit that each of us reaches at a certain stage. Losing oneself in the present, but rethinking and reassembling the images of the past and the future. This is the entrance to the borderline state, reflection and rethinking of one's personal path, actions and inactions.
How strong is the connection between outside and inside? Is it possible to return the past to the starting point?
Gluing together what was broken, we are trying with all our might to preserve the integrity of the world we are used to.

Participants: Varvara Silantieva, Margarita Zhuravleva, Inga Allakova, Irina Zyuskina, Anastasia Ryzhikova, Leonid Shatunov

Duration: 120 min.

Winzavod main square, Moscow, September 2022
As part of the exhibition project "While adults are talking...", U Contemporary, Winzavod