Flat 17
Exhibition project, Gallery U Contemporary, Winzawod

Collective project, Gallery U Contemporary, Winzawod


"Flat № 17" is an exhibition about collecting, prepared by young artists of the Moscow School of Contemporary Art (Contemporary Art program) during individual summer practice.

“Collecting has a special emotional value. Collected in the collection of objects help to preserve the memory and connection with the past, become a way of knowing and ordering the world around. By accumulating things around us, we create our own personal space, our own separate world,” says curator Mikhail Levin about the theme of the exhibition.

The artists turn to the figure of the collector, to the specifics of his inner world, as well as to the special relationship of works of art in the space of the collection.
Maria Chelkonova, immersing the collective image of a person in a typical, ordinary apartment, constructs a microcosm of the collector.
The curiosity of collecting, familiar to many since childhood, is presented in the researcher's study, created by Evgenia Kashaeva, Varvara Silanteva, Vella Amazaryan, Aksana Pruttskova and Radmila Migulina.
Anna Kirillina, Alla Mezentseva, Inga Allakova, Daria Klementieva and Margarita Zhuravleva reflect on the nature of memory and its perception through time through personal objects in the space of the living room and bedroom.
In the buffer zone, questions about interaction with the world are raised - about knowledge, freedom and what remains as a result of their contact, reflect Tatyana Gogoleva, Anna Koroleva, Anastasia Ryzhikova, Irina Zyuskina and Anna Pergunova.

Project participants: Inga Allakova, Maria Chelnokova, Irina Zyuskina, Radmila Migulina, Anna Kirillina, Alla Mezentseva, Daria Klementieva, Margarita Zhuravleva, Tatiana Gogoleva, Anna Koroleva, Aksana Prutskova, Anastasia Ryzhikova, Anna Pergunova, Lada Shuiskaya, Varvara Silantieva, Vella Amazaryan , Evgenia Kashaeva.

Curator: Mikhail Levin

U Contemporary, Winzawod, Moscow, 2022